Binomial Distribution review

Binomial Distribution

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In probability and statistics, The Binomial Distribution is a frequency distribution of the possible number of successful outcomes in a given number of trials in each of which there is the same probability of success.

The Binomial Distribution summarizes the likelihood that a value will take one of two independent values under a given set of parameters or assumptions. The underlying assumptions of the binomial distribution are that there is only one outcome for each trial, that each trial has the same probability of success and that each trial is mutually exclusive.

For Data Entry the Binomial Distribution app for iPad and iPhone utilizes three Sliders to enter the Number of Trials, Number of Success and the Probability of Success variables. The range of the Number of Trials and Number of Successes is [1-20]. The range of the Probability of Success variable is [1.0-100.0] and is divided into 100 1.0 segments. After moving the Sliders to your selected values enter the Compute button.

The Binomial Distribution app graphs the Binomial Proability Density Function f(x) graph utilized the Normal Distribution Approximation to the Binomial Distribution curve. A Data Chart for the PDF values also exists.


Binomial Distribution Binomial Distribution
Binomial Distribution
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