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When you finish a point-and-click adventure, you often find yourself thinking "What just happened to me?" But while many games leave you with a feeling of confusion, this is a good kind of confusion. This is the kind of confusion that leaves you with a sense of awe.

Machinarium is one of those games. It tells the story of a robot named Josef, who has been thrown out of his home by a group of devious robots. While the concept behind the story is simple, the journey of getting to the end is anything but. You'll explore the city of Machinarium, meet and help other robots in need, and learn the story of Josef's journey to find his girlfriend.


The game is challenging, but it's fun to solve its puzzles.

As you move through the game, you'll encounter puzzles that require you to think outside of the box. 

The puzzles are challenging, but they're also logical. They're fun to solve, and they keep you engaged in the game.


The game's retro graphics are reminiscent of the games of old. The game's cartoon-themed graphics are very well done.

Josef's animations are very smooth and fluid, and the game's art style makes the city of Machinarium feel alive. 

Even though this game is fun to play, it does have some flaws. The game's world is very linear, and there's little freedom in terms of where to go next. You're told exactly where to go, and you don't have any freedom to explore on your own.The music is very upbeat and fits the game's theme very well.

Replay Value

The replay value is very high. The game is very hard to put down, and there are a lot of achievements to unlock. You can't go through the game without unlocking at least a few of them.

You can also unlock new areas of the city by finding blueprints. This adds a lot of replay value to the game, as you'll want to come back to it over and over again, just to see what you can unlock next.


Challenge Your Mind with Machinarium

Overall, Machinarium is a wonderful game. It's a must-have for any point-and-click adventure fan. 

Machinarium is a fun game that's well worth your time. The music is very upbeat and fits the game's theme very well. If you're in the mood for a challenging point-and-click adventure game, this is the game for you.


  • Great story
  • Excellent art style
  • Interesting, challenging puzzles.


  • The game's world is too linear
  • Some puzzles are just too hard.


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