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Shortcut Run

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Shortcut Run is a game on Android where you control a character who must run through a level, dodging obstacles, and collecting coins. Your character can double jump, wall jump, and perform flips to help you get through the level.


You run through a level and collect coins, avoiding obstacles. You have a few abilities to help you out. You can double jump, wall jump, and perform flips. The game is easy to pick up and play. 

Each level you complete, you will get a star. Get a certain number of stars and you will proceed to the next level.

If you collect enough coins, you can unlock new characters. There is also a shop where you can purchase new characters.

The gameplay is fun. I like that you can unlock new characters and upgrade your abilities.


The graphics are simple. This works with the style of the game. The colors are bright and the levels look good.

Replay Value

I would say the replay is average. The game is fun, but you will beat it after completing a few levels. 

Good and Fun

The game is fun to play. I think the best part of the game is that there is a lot of content. This is a good game for the price. There is some music playing and it sounds good. The controls are simple. Highly recommended!


  • The controls are easy to learn
  • The graphics in the game are impressive
  • There are plenty of challenging levels
  • You can collect coins to purchase power-ups
  • You can choose the level you want to play
  • The game is free, with in-app purchases.


  • There are ads
  • The game is a little slow at times
  • The music is a bit annoying.


Shortcut Run Shortcut Run
Shortcut Run
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